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A fanworks community for Kuroko no Basuke
A community for the fanworks of the series Kuroko no Basuke!

mira_gen is a (very) lightly moderated and open membership offshoot of shootswishscore, another KuroBasu comm.

The comm is open to anything and everything related to KuroBasu, from quick sketches and fic bits to full length novels and comics! So feel free to post away.

(don't worry, I'll be brief)
Be polite, no flame wars or bitch fests. KuroBasu is awesome, you are awesome, we are awesome, and together everybody wins.

(helps keep the comm neat and easy to navigate)
All posts must be tagged
If a post contains mature content not meant for a younger audience, then tag it as such and lock it
Post titles are to be formatted { TITLE / type-of-entry / RATING } it may seem a little anal, but trust me it makes everything look a lot nicer and easy to go through
Posts longer than 800 words and/or containing an image (or images) larger than 800px wide need to be put under a cut

The WELCOME post is here